To whom it may concern,


My name is Lynda Lee. I was a former student of Mrs. Sylvia Rieman

at Granada Hills Charter High School. I had Mrs. Rieman for 3 years of my High School career. I truly enjoyed having her for a teacher. I learned so much from her in High School. I was awarded a cooking award my senior year from Mrs. Rieman and later in my life decided to become a pastry chef. Mrs. Rieman was a big influence in my life. She believed in me and told me that I could become somebody great. Now after having my two beautiful kids, I followed my dreams to become a pastry chef, and hope in later years to own my own bakery that specializes in wedding cakes.


I thank Mrs. Rieman for her belief in me, and showing me that my dreams and passions can come true. I know that she will show others the kindness she showed me and help them to find their dreams too.


Former student,


Lynda Lee


From Paige Johnson



Thank you so much for the pictures and the week in camp. I had a great time and learned so much!


Hi Sylvia,

My grandson and I really missed having you teach the last class we took on August 19th.  You were always so patient and able to gauge how much help each child needed.  I appreciated your stressing food safety and always making sure to remind everyone to wash their hands, etc.  My grandson, Nathan, who has been to many of the parent/child classes asked where you were.  Somehow the class did not seem the same without you.

I brought not only Nathan, but his older sister and my granddaughter who is now 14 to so many of the classes you taught also.  Both are a big help in the kitchen at home.  Thanks for all they learned and some wonderful memories.

We’ll miss you,


Verna Mandel


From Taylor Herlihy


You mean the world to me and I certainly wouldn’t be who I am today with out your mentor-ship! I am actually in town this weekend extremely briefly Friday/Saturday I am not sure if I will have time to get together but the next time I am in town (hopefully for a longer time period)  you will be on my list of informs! It’s great to hear that you’ve seen the twins, send them my best I miss them!

As for work I just got my store I am in San Jose now. The store itself is just south of Cupertino about 8 blocks from the Apple Campus. Hopefully I can earn my way to upper management but that will probably be at least a couple years down the line :).

From Sofia Cardenas
Perfect. I am so excited to have another “cooking class”. Gefilte Fish sounds like the Mexican equivalent of tripe: hard to make and hard to like! I have written down on my calendar that we are meeting on the 22nd of August. Let me know if it still works for you.
From Taryn Honeysett

Your classes have brought me so much knowledge, love, and joy over the years. and I also know that you are too gifted, too experienced, too extraordinary to not succeed in whatever path (culinary or not) you choose next.
I have moved down to San Diego but might be coming up later this August for a few days. I would love to get together then if you are able and I will let you know when and if the plans become concrete.

All my love,


From Emily Wells
My 12 year son has taken a few of the teen/tween classes and we cannot say
enough about the wonderful experiences he has had.

I really want to say "Bravo" though, for the Parent/Child Gingerbread House 
making workshops. Sylvia's recipes and methodology for constructing the houses 
were simply brilliant. She instilled in us knowledge, confidence and 
inspiration. We walked out of the class brainstorming our next gingerbread 

Yours truly,

Emily Wells


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