3 cups All-Purpose flour                                                2  cups peeled, cored &

1 tsp.  Salt                                                                           shredded Apples

1 tsp.  Baking Soda                                                          3 Eggs

1/4 tsp.  Baking Powder                                                2 cups Sugar

1 tsp.  Cinnamon                                                             1 cup Vegetable Oil

1/4 tsp. ground Cloves                                                  1 Tbsp.  Vanilla


  1. Grease two loaf pans or 1 Bundt pan; dust lightly with sugar   and set aside;
  2. .Set oven rack at middle position; preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  3.  Measure Flour, Salt, Baking Soda and Cinnamon; mix together in a medium mixing bowl and set aside.
  4. Beat Eggs with paddle beater in electric mixer just until well-blended..
  5. Slowly add the Sugar and continue beating until all the Sugar is beaten in.
  6.  Lower speed to 1 and gradually add the Oil; turn speed back up to high and continue beating until well-blended.
  7.  Add the prepared Fruit-and Vanilla; mix at low speed until well combined.
  8.  Slowly add the Flour mixture to the Egg mixture while still beating at low speed.
  9. When all of the ingredients have been well combined pour into the greased pans and bake for 45 min. or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean and dry.
  10. Cool on rack for 15-20 minutes; loosen bread from sides of pan with metal spatula and turn out on cooling rack.  Let stand until completely cool.  Wrap and store or serve.
Apple Bread



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