November 29th is is ‘CHOCOLATE DAY‘. Who doesn’t like Chocolate?  Chocolate is probably the world’s most favored food.  Chocolate is good for you and tastes good and it’s attributes have been known for centuries. The Spanish Explorers went after Chocolate;  the Indians used Chocolate and almost everyone I know loves Chocolate.

The feature photo  is the best tasting Chocolate I have ever had;  my eldest Son and Wife brought it back from Europe.  I used it in the Chocolate Tapioca Pudding below and in Chocolate Cake.

You can eat Chocolate Candy out of hand, you can use it to bake with, you can use it for drinking in milk and not only is Chocolate used as a candy and flavoring for baked goods, it is also used in savory dishes.  Mexican Mole uses Chocolate in the Sauce for things like Chicken or Beef.

Try one of my favorite savory uses for Chocolate:  add an ounce or two of Bittersweet Chocolate to your favorite Chili Recipe.  Just add the Chocolate to the cooked Chili and stir until the Chocolate is completely melted.  Keep warm until ready to serve.

Referenced below are a few of the Chocolate Recipes that I have posted on this blog.  Try one out for ‘National Chocolate Day‘.


A Chocolate Cake Roll (like a Jelly Roll except the cake is Chocolate and the filling is sweetened Whipped Cream.chocolate-cake-roll/

If you like Chocolate Cakes with very little frosting try my Devils Food Bundt Cake.  This cake can be baked in a Bundt Pan or in 2 layer pans or in Cupcake Pans.  Or in Mini-Bundt Pans if you have them.  Take your choice and enjoy the cake. devils-food-bundt-cake

America’s favorite Cookie is probably the Chocolate Chip Cookie.  My version is just slightly different than the original Toll House recipe n that it does not use equal amounts of Granulated and Brown Sugar.  I prefer using more Brown Sugar than Granulated – the Molasses in Brown Sugar gives it just a little more flavor. chocolate-chip-cookies

Who doesn’t like Tapioca Pudding.  If you use Tapioca Starch instead of Tapioca Pearls, you get the same effect and taste sensation as if you were using the pearls.  I love this verison of Chocolate Pudding whereas normally I am not a Chocolate pudding lover.  chocolate-tapioca-pudding

What kid doesn’t like Rice Krispy Treats?  And what is better than Rice Krispy treats made with White Chocolate?  Yummy!!!  Some people say White Chocolate isn’t really Chocolate but where would White Chocolate be without Chocolate?  It wouldn’t, so White Chocolate is definitely Chocolate – just a little different and not what we usually expect from Chocolate.  white-chocolate-rice-krispy-candies

Last but not least is the Chocolate Milkshake.  We all love Milkshakes and Chocolate is definitely the best kind – even for those of use who are not Chocolate fanatcis.  This recipe is simple and you can make it over and over agian quite easily.  Hence, make enough for the whole family or your next Holiday Party.  chocolate-milkshakes

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