1/4 cup Vegetable Shortening or Lard                    1/2 cup Rice Flour

7/8 cup Granulated Sugar                                      1/2 cup All-Purpose Flour

1/4 tsp. Sesame Oil                                               1 tsp. Baking Powder

1 Egg                                                                   1/2 tsp. Salt

1/4 tsp. Almond Extract                                         1/4 cup chopped Almonds

Sliced Almond



  • Cream together the Shortening and Sugar until they become fluffy.
  • Stir in the Egg, Sesame Oil and Almond Flavoring; beat until well blended.
  • Combine the Flour, Salt and Baking Powder; beat into the Shortening mixture.
  • Stir in the chopped Almonds.
  • Use a tablespoon to drop the Dough onto greased cookie sheets.
  • Place 1 or 2 slices of Almonds on top of each Cookie.


Ready to Bake
  • Bake in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until the Cookies are a light golden brown.


  • Transfer to a wire rack to cool; store tightly covered.
  • Note:  Chinese Almond Cookies are traditionally made with lard – their flavor profile is different than those made with butter or shortening.

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