When a recipe calls for Egg Whites to be separated from the Yolks you want to do it such a way that NO YOLKS get into the Whites.  The reason for this is that the Yolk contains Fat and the Whites will not beat up properly if there is any fat in them.

Follow the procedure below for perfectly separated Eggs.

  1. Have aclean dry bowlto put the separated Whites into. (This should be the bowl that they are going to be whipped in)
  2. Have a separate container for the Yolks.
  3. Have a small dishes to separate each Egg into.
  4. Crack the Egg and pour it back and forth between the two halves of the shells allowing the Whites to go into  the small dishes.  The White is heavier and will fall easily into the dish.
  5. Put the Yolk into the designated container and then pour the White intoClean Dry Bowlset aside for them.
  6. Continue in the same way until you have the correct number of Whites.  If a recipe calls for a volume measure instead of an egg measure, use aclean dry liquid measuring cupto measure them in and then transfer them to the mixing bowl.

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