Measuring Butter can be a very messy job, but if you know a few tricks it can be simple and clean.  Here is how to measure Butter.

Butter either comes in 1/4 lb.sticks or 1 lb. blocks.  Just remember:

1/4 lb. stick = 1/2 cup or 4 oz.    For 1/4 cup cut the 1/4 lb. stick in half.  For 1/8 cup or 2 Tbsps. cut it into quarters.

2 sticks = 1 cup


For 1 lb. block, cut in half to = (2) 1 cup pieces.


One lb. Butter into 2 (1 cup) pieces



Cut the half into quarters for 1/2 cup pieces.

Cut the quarters into halves for 1/4 cup pieces.

Cut the 1/4 cup pieces into halves for 1/8 for 2 Tbsp. pieces


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