BACON – Cooking – Stovetop & in the Microwave


2 – 3 slices Bacon per person


  1. Place the Bacon in a cold skillet; turn heat to low and cook slowly, separating the slices as the fat is rendered
  2. Continue to cook; turn each piece frequently so that the Bacon cooks on both sides.
  3. As the Bacon browns and becomes crisp, remove from the pan and blot on paper towels.


  1. Place a double layer of paper towels on a microwave proof plate
  2. Place each Bacon strip side by side on the paper towels; if necessary, layer the Bacon with 2 paper   towels between each layer.  Cover the top layer with additional paper towels.

To figure the Cooking time multiply the # of Bacon slices on a single layer by 1 then add 1.

[Ex.  5 slices x 1 minute = 5 minutes + 1 minute = 5 minutes]     (Warning! – All Microwaves are not the same, so some adjustment may have to be made.  To be on the safe side, try it first at 1 minute for each slice and then add or subtract as needed)

Warning!  Extra thick Bacon will take approximately 50% more time to cook!





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