6 thick slices day old Cinnamon Rolls                 Butter

6 Eggs                                                            1 – 2 Tbsps. Oil (Macadamia,

3/4 cup Milk                                                    Almond or Peanut)

1 tsp. Sugar                                                    Powdered Sugar or Maple

1 tsp. Vanilla (optional)                                    Syrup


  1. Slice the Cinnamon Rolls about 1/2” thick;  the French Toast will be best if the rolls are sliced the night before and exposed to the air to dry them out.
  2. Just before serving, beat the Eggs until frothy; combine with the Milk, Sugar and Vanilla, if desired.  Beat until well mixed.
  3. Place the Cinnamon Roll slices in a shallow pan, then pour the Egg mixture over them.
  4. While the Cinnamon Roll slices are soaking up the milk mixture, heat about 3-4 Tablespoons of Butter along with the Oil in a large skillet.  When the Butter/Oil mixture is sizzling but not burning, add the French Toast Slices.
  5. Cook until well browned on each side and cooked in the middle;  serve with Powdered Sugar or Maple Syrup

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