1. Alternately:      To add two ingredients, one after the other in small amounts.


  1. Blend:              to completely mix two or more ingredients together.


  1. Briskly:           quickly and forcefully.


  1. Combine:        to mix two or more ingredients together.


  1. Cream:            to mix butter and sugar together until the mixture is soft and creamy.


  1. Full boil:          when the total surface of a liquid is bubbling rapidly.


  1. Hulls:              stem and leaves of strawberries.


  1. Incorporated: completely mixed.


  1. Knead:             to fold and turn dough to develop the gluten (Protein)


  1. Preheat:          to bring the temperature of an oven or cooking vessel to the proper

degrees before baking or cooking.


  1. Simmer:          when the surface of a liquid is gently bubbling; done over low heat.


  1. Split:                to cut a biscuit into two equal halves; as if cutting a      hamburger bun.


  1. Stir:                 to mix in a circular motion.


  1. Well:               an indentation in a flour mixture which is large enough to hold liquid.


  1. Whip:              to beat cream until it is very thick.





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