Here are some of the Gingerbread Houses that we have made in my classes in years past.  

Each participant in this year’s  class will make, bake and decorate a full size Gingerbread House to take home with them.


Chanukah Gingerbread House (2)
Chanukah Gingerbread House
Chanukah Gingerbread House lit from within
Chanukah Gingerbread House (1)
Chanukah Gingerbread House – Front Door View
Peppermint Gng Bd House
Peppermint Gingerbread House


White-Sprinkle Roof
White-Sprinkle Roof with Candy Flowers and Jelly Bellies
Green GNBD House (5)
Green Gingerbread House
GingLit Thai
Thai Inspired House Lit from Within






Thai Inspired
Thai Inspired Gingerbread House


Gingerbread Houses for Family Fun
Gingerbread House with multiple Trees and Starry Sky Backdrop

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