Curried Fruit Stuffing


2 loaves Bread (your favorite) cubed and toasted

2 small Onions

4 pieces Celery

2 Apples, peeled and cored

1 cup Golden Raisins

½ cup Butter

36 dried Apricots

2 tsps. Salt

3-4 Tbsps. Curry Powder

2 tsps. Leaf Sage

½ tsp. White Pepper

2 Eggs


  1. Place the toasted Bread, (cut into ½” cubes) into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Chop (metal chopping blade of food processor) or grind the Raisins and Apricots, and add to the Bread Cubes.
  3. Grate (medium shredding blade) the Apples and add them to the Bread Crumbs. Toss the mixture lightly.
  4. While the Butter is melting in a large skillet, finely dice the Celery (metal chopping blade) and chop the Onion.
  5. Sauté the Onions and Celery in the melted Butter; add the Vegetables to the Bread Cubes and toss lightly again.
  6. Lightly beat the Eggs with the Seasonings and add to the Bread mixture; toss lightly again to moisten the moisten the Bread and evenly distribute the Fruit and Vegetables.
  7. Stuff poultry, packing the stuffing loosely.

Yield: enough stuffing for up to a 25 lb. bird

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