16 oz. Pkg. Frozen Artichoke Hearts, thawed

1/2 Bunch Fresh Basil

1 clove Garlic, peeled (or more, if desired)

1 lb. bag Spinach fresh Spinach

8 oz.  Cream Cheese

1 cup Mayonnaise

1 pkg. Ranch Dressing Mix

Juice of 1/2 Lemon



  1. Place the Artichoke Hearts in a microwave proof dish and cook per the package directions.
  2. Wash and dry the Basil and Spinach (if necessary).
  3. Fit a  food processor workbowl with the chopping blade; turn on and drop in the peeled Garlic and  run until minced.
  4. Add the Basil and Spinach to the workbowl and run until it is chopped.
  5. Add the Cream Cheese, Mayonnaise, Ranch Dressing Mix and the Lemon Juice.
  6. Run until well mixed. (A few seconds)
  7. Serve with Pita Chips.

Note:  As an alternate way of serving place in a baking dish and top with Jack or Parmesan Cheese;  heat until the dip is hot and the Cheese is melted.




Fresh Artichoke
Fresh Artichoke

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