(This is a great summer time dessert!)




1 lb. Frozen Fruit

1/3 cup Superfine Sugar

2 Tbsps. Lemon Juice

2 Egg Whites




  1. Place frozen fruit in processor workbowl which has been fitted with the chopping blade.


  1. Pulse until fruit is broken up; press ON BUTTON and continue chopping until the fruit looks like snow.


  1. Transfer the chopped fruit to an electric mixer bowl and add the Sugar, Lemon Juice and Egg Whites to the fruit; beat until smooth and fluffy and has doubled in  volume.


  1. Serve immediately or place in freezer until ready to serve.


Yield:  6 Servings




                Note:  The whole process made be done in the processor, but the volume will                                                          not increase as much.


                Alternative:  One third cup Apple or other Fruit Juice may be used in place                                                         of the Egg Whites.  Yogurt, Whipped Cream or Sour Cream                                                             may also be used in place of the Egg Whites.