Bean Sprout Salad



1 lb. Bean Sprouts                                    1 Tbsp. Peanut Oil

3 Scallions, diced                                      2 Tbsps. Seasoned Rice

2 Carrots, shredded                                      Vinegar

¼ cup Cilantro, minced                             1 tsp. Salt or to taste

                                                               1/8 tsp. dried red pepper super hot flakes or to taste*



  1. Combine the Bean Sprouts, Scallions, and Carrots in a medium-size bowl.
  2. Combine the Peanut Oil, Rice Vinegar and Salt and add to the Vegetables. Toss to combine.
  3. Taste for seasoning and adjust, if necessary.
  4. Add the Chili Flakes and toss again. (The intensity of the Chili Flavor will increase over time, so be careful when using them)


Note –  If desired, a Tbsp. of Fish Sauce may also be added


*  Old Boney Mountain Garden Grotto Dust    – available at


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