Chimichurri Sauce (2) 

(This is a must in Argentinean Cuisine, much as Salsa is in Mexican.  The Key Ingredient in Chimichurri is curly parsley and in Salsa, it is Cilantro, a flat leaf parsley.  The recipe below is basic as everyone who makes it adds their own touch.  Enjoy it as a marinade, a basting sauce or a condiment)


1 bunch fresh Parsley                                        1 tsp. crushed Black Pepper

4 cloves Garlic                                                     2 tsps. Dried Oregano

2 Bay Leaves                                                        1 tsp. Salt

½ Cup Olive Oil                                                   1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper    

1 ½ cups Red Wine Vinegar                                          


1.       Wash, dry and mince the Parsley Leaves; discard the stems. 

2.       Peel and mince the Garlic.

3.       Remove the stems and spines from the Bay Leaves;  crush the Leaves.

4.       Combine all the ingredients in a 1 quart jar;  cover and shake vigorously.

5.       Use as a marinade for roasted and grilled meats and/or as a condiment at the table.

                Yield:  Approx. 2 ½ cups



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