Alternating          to do by turns; first one, then the other.

Blend                   to completely mix 2 or more ingredients together.

Briskly                 quickly and forcefully.

Combine              To mix 2 or more ingredients together.

Dice                      to cut into small cubes or square pieces.

Drain                   to put food into a strainer or colander to separate the liquid from the solid pieces.

Excess                  extra; not needed.

Herbs                   leaves of aromatic plants that are used for seasoning food.

Hulls                    stems and leaves of strawberries.

Incorporated       completely mixed.

Mise En Place      to prepare all the necessary ingredients before starting the actual cooking.

Preheat                to bring the temperature of an oven or cooking vessel to the proper temperature before adding the food.

Rapid Boil           to cook liquid over high heat so lots of large bubbles form quickly, and then break.

Sauté                    to cook gently in a small amount of fat until soft.

Shred                   to cut food into thin pieces; food may also be shredded with a food grater.

Simmer                cook in liquid over low heat so very small bubbles form slowly.

Utensils                all the equipment that is used to prepare and cook food.

Well                     An indentation in a flour mixture which is large enough to hold liquid.

Yield                    the number of portions or servings a recipe will make.




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