1 (14 oz. Can) Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 cups Half & Half or Cream

1 ½ cups Milk

1  Tbsp. Vanilla

1 Box fresh Raspberries or 1 cup frozen Raspberries

Granulated Sugar



  1. Mix the Dairy Products together in freezing container of an ice cream freezer.
  2. Freeze according to manufacturer’s directions.
  3. While the Cream is freezing, clean the Raspberries and sprinkle lightly with the Granulated Sugar.  (Use only enough to cover the Berries)
  4. If using frozen Berries, use straight from the bag.  DO NOT DEFROST!
  5. When the Cream is almost frozen, add the Berries and continue the freezing process until the desired consistency has been reached.
  6. Pack in Salt and Ice (or place in freezer) for one hour or more after freezing.
  7. Serve with additional fresh Raspberries.



NOTE:  To save having to wash measuring equipment do the following:


  • Purchase the Half and Half in a pint (2 cup) carton.
  • Use the Eagle Brand can to measure the milk  (a scant can will equal a cup and a half)




Raspberry Ice Cream





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