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Hawaiian Gardens
View from our Condo Balcony

We just returned from 10 days on the Island of Kauai in our 50th State, Hawaii.  While there we enjoyed the sunshine, the water and the food.  Our condo looked out over lush gardens that led to the ocean and Poipu Beach was just around the corner.  I can still feel the gentle tropical breeze that softly bathed my skin and made me feel so relaxed.  It was pure heaven!
In addition to the beaches, the breeze and of course the tropical birds that we love to seek out, there is the food.  Fresh ocean fish, organic island grown vegetables and fruit that is sweet and juicy.  Since we had a condo with a full kitchen, we were able to prepare some of our meals from the produce and meats that we found at the Koloa Farmer’s Market, the local stores and roadside stands.   In addition, we enjoyed many meals at the local restaurants.  In the following paragraphs you will be able to read about some of the food that we ate and prepared.
Our first day on the island was a Sunday and by the time we arrived at the Condo it was around 3:30 in the afternoon.  We were greeted at the reception desk with a complimentary Mai Tai which was indeed nice to have after the flight and drive from the airport.   Our condo was furnished with a fresh bag of Hawaiian Coffee and a complimentary bottle of wine (from California) with glasses chilling in the refrigerator.   If you go to the Island of Hawaii do go to the Volcano Winery.  Their wines are very good!
After checking in and scoping out our living quarters we headed to the nearest market which was about a mile away.  We bought the barest necessities that thought we would need as we had decided that we would have breakfast out on our first morning. For dinner we went to Merriman’s Downstairs Café in the Kuku’ula Village Mall.  Appetizers (Pupus), Sandwiches and Salads are the featured item in this section of the restaurant.  The upstairs restaurant features fresh fish and some meat items.  Almost all the restaurants in Hawaii are open to the elements and this one was no exception. It is the one place in the world where you can enjoy indoor and outdoor eating at the same time.  Of course, the birds are free to join you and since we love birds, we do not mind having them around.
Ev had the Pasta Marinara (strange fare for your first day in Hawaii, but he does love pasta!).  My choice was the Pineapple Buffalo Wings and Caesar Salad.  I was hoping that since the BBQ Sauce was made with Pineapple that they would not be exceptionally hot, but they were indeed spicy and I ended up only being able to eat about half of them.  The Caesar Salad was a good buffer as was the Mango Lemonade which was delicious.  It is something that I am going to attempt to recreate at home here in California.
Also in this mall was a restaurant called Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grill whose menu really looked outstanding, but somehow we never quite made it there.  Hopefully next time we will.  A Market called the Living Market which featured organic produce and meats and fresh breads made daily.  This market also had a café that served meals throughout the day.  Their featured item was pizza and sandwiches made to order.  And of course there was a Lappert’s Ice Cream Shop; Lappert’s is well known throughout the Islands and can be found in many places in Hawaii.  The ones that I am most familiar with is the one in Princeville and of course, the one right here in Poipu.  My mouth was so heated up from the Chicken Wings that I simply had to have an Ice Cream Cone and enjoyed one with Mango in it.  In Hawaii you have to eat your icecream very quickly so that it doesn’t melt all over you.  It certainly was good though.
This was our first day in Hawaii and the first meal that we enjoyed there.  Won’t count the airline food or the airport food as that doesn’t really count.  Nothing to brag about, that is!  Look for further daily articles on our Hawaiian Food Chronicles.

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