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Today was Sunday so we decided to have breakfast out again at Burgers in Paradise.  As mentioned earlier, this restaurant offers a lot more than Burgers and provides quite a variety of breakfast items.  Ev had Pancakes which were rather large but quite good tasting.  My breakfast was a Papaya /Pineapple Boat that was served with toasted coconut and chopped macadamia nuts.  The boat was a very healthy and tasty breakfast.  We both enjoyed cups of Hawaiian Coffee with the meal.  After breakfast we returned to the condo and then to the beach for more sun, sand and surf.

Papaya / Pineapple Boat

For lunch, we ate the leftover stir-fried vegetables with what was left of the Tako and Ahi Poki.  So far, our meals have been quite healthy and tasty.  Eating good fresh fish with perky seasonings is really a good way to go, whether you are looking to lose weight or to just have a healthy, tasty and satisfying meal.

For dinner this night we decided to try Brennecke’s Broiler.  We have been to Kauai many times, but never actually ate at this restaurant as we usually stay at the North Shore and don’t like driving at night between the North and South Shores.  The main restaurant is upstairs with a great view of the ocean and beach just across the street. The restaurant features both steaks and seafood and since by this time we had just about had our fill of seafood we decided to go with beef dinners.  Ev ordered the Prime Rib and I ordered the Rib Eye Steak.  Both these items are basically from the same cut of beef, but one is roasted whole and then sliced and the other is cut into steaks before cooking.  Both dinners were served with rosemary mashed potatoes and the Rib Eye was served with a mushroom wine sauce.  The Prime Rib was served with au jus and horseradish.  Since Ev doesn’t like horseradish, I used that on my steak along with the mushroom wine sauce.

When we finished dinner there was an unexpected downpour  (typical of tropical climate) so we waited it out in the downstairs portion of Brennecke’s where we purchased a few items for our breakfast ‘on the go on’ Monday morning.  After about 5-10   minutes the rain let up enough for us to make to the car without getting wet.  We shortly arrived back at the condo for another relaxing evening in Paradise.

Poipu Beach




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