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Today was another early rising day as we had decided to drive towards the northern end of Kauai to look for birds in the reserve in the Wailua River Valley.  We also stopped to view the waterfall and to look over the Wailua River into the restored Hawaiian Village.  It was a beautiful day and we had some good viewing.  We also saw quite a lot of  birds there as well.


Wailua Reserve - early morning


After our early morning sightseeing we stopped at Smith’s Tropical Paradise. Their lush tropical gardens cover 30 acres of land;  it is right next to the river.  In the evenings they host luaus that anyone can purchase a ticket to attend.  They also offer boat rides on the river.  We saw quite a few different birds here but the most entertaining were the peacocks which of course are introduced birds.  It is breeding season, the mails in all the finery strut around and around as if they were in a fashion show.  (Will put up a video of one on U-Tube).

Peacock Finery
Peacock at Smth's


















Back in Poipu we went to the Poipu Shopping Mall for lunch and tried out the dogs at Puka Dogs.  The most outstanding thing about this eatery is all the different toppings that they provide for their dogs.  Ev decided on the Polish Dog with Coconut Relish and I had the Polish Dog with Mango Relish.  Their Polish Dogs taste more like regular hot dogs.  I normally don’t like Polish Dogs, but their regular hot dogs were veggie dogs and that didn’t sit too well with me.  I like my hot dogs to be made with beef.  The best thing about this eatery was their fresh made-to order lemonade.  It was very good.  To see Puka Dog’s Menu go to http://www.pukadog.com/menu After lunch it was more beach time.

For dinner this evening we went back to Kalapaki Joe’s and tried out a couple of their menu items that featured fresh lobster.  Ev had the lobster burrito which was quite large and contained more than an ample portion of lobster.  I had the lobster salad and it too had an ample portion of grilled lobster with a variety of vegetables and was topped with grilled pineapple slices.  This salad came with a wonderful sesame dressing which was absolutely perfect.

After dinner we walked back to the condo and spent some time outside on the grounds to soak up what was left of our time on the island.  Kauai is a very peaceful place with beautiful scenery.  With the gentle breeze, you feel like you are being bathed in silken strands.  It is a wonderful feeling and one that you can carry with you in your memory for a long time afterwards.



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