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Halloween or ‘All Hallows Eve’ is almost upon us again.  What better time to create goodies for the crowd, big or small.  If you are having a party, half the fun is in the food.  Food for Halloween should be almost as spooky as the night but still taste good.  Also, the simpler you keep it, the easier it will be to manage.  Finger food is probably the best way to go for a Halloween Party, whether the guests be young or old or just young at heart.

Let’s start out with the savory items and then proceed to the side dishes and sweets.  Hot dogs are always good for Halloween and can be prepared in many ways.  Just a few are Goblin Goulash, Hot Dogs on a Stick and Chili Dogs, https://www.sylveeeskitchen.com/recipes/lunch/monster-chili-dog/.  Chili dishes, Hot Wings and Shrimp Skewers are also goo savory dishes.

Appetizers can be Monster Eyes (Deviled Eggs created to look like eyeballs), https://www.sylveeeskitchen.com/recipes/appetizers/halloween-monster-eyes/ or Black Bean Dip with Carrot Wands.  Goblin Salad or a Spooky Fruit Salad will go well with chili dishes.  Add some French Fries or Onion Rings and Mashed Potato Balls and your meal will be almost complete.

A Halloween meal is not complete without dessert or a beverage.  For dessert, there can be decorate your own cupcakes, popcorn balls or licorice ice cream.  One of the desserts can be your table centerpiece and that would be a Halloween Cake or Spooky Goblin Train. Beverage of course would be Witches Brew.


Haunted House Cake Centerpiece
Candy Halloween Train Centerpiece

















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