Have you ever made an Angel Food Cake from scratch?  It is not as difficult as you may think, but there are specific things that must be done and NOT done.

First of all assemble all your ingredients which will include Egg Whites, Cake Flour, Cream of Tartar, Sugar and Vanilla Extract.  Recipe is under the Recipe Section/Cakes – cakes-frostings/angel-food-cake/

Next make sure that you have a Tube Pan and make sure that it is clean and dry.  DO NOT GREASE THE PAN or the Batter will not cling to the sides and your cake will be a flop!

To make the cake do the following:

  • Separate the Whites from the Yolks (this is best done when the Eggs are cold);   be sure and not to get any Yolk into the White or the Whites will not beat up as they should!  (To properly separate the whites from the Yolks, see Baking Tidbits)  separating-egg-whites-from-egg-yolks/
Egg Whites in Bowl


  • Sift and measure the flour as indicated in the recipe.  (This will include combining half the Sugar with the Flour)
Flour in Sifter
Sifted Flour












  • Combine the Whites and Cream of Tartar and Beat until soft Peaks Form.


Beating Egg Whites



  • While the mixer is running, slowly add the Sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks form.  (Do not overbeat the Whites or your cake will be too dry)
Beaten Whites
  • Remove from the mixer and foldin the Flour /Sugar Mixture with an over and under motion. Be very gentle to avoid deflating the Egg Whites.
Folding in Flour
  •  Turn the Cake Mixture into theTube Pan


Cake in Pan


  • Bake in the temperature indicated in the recipe.  Baking will take about 45 minutes.  (DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THE CAKE IS DONE – THE TOP WILL BE SLIGHTLY CRACKED AND DRY LOOKING)

  • After Removing the Cake from the Oven turn it upside down until it is completely cool.
Upside Down while Cooling

Once the Cake is cooled, loosen the sides with a straight-edged spatula and carefully remove it from the pan.  If your pan is a 2-part one, loosen the bottom by running the spatula under the lip – in photo above – then loosen the bottom of the cake and remove from the pan.



Finished Cake

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