National Cheeseburger Day











Do you love Cheeseburgers!  Almost everyone does, so get ready to celebrate.  Thursday, Sept. 18th is ‘National Cheeseburger Day’.  Who makes your favorite?  One of the Fast Food Outlets or Not so Fast Food Outlets or do you make the best one at home.  My favorite is no longer around, so making the best one at home is the way to go.


Listed below are a few of the Burgers Places that are available not only in your hometown, but some are even available around the world.


Here Goes in alphabetical order.


Bob’s Big Boy – the original is still open in Toluca Lake.

Carl Jr’s  –  now available in Thailand

Fat Boy – Woodland Hills

Habit – started in Santa Barbara but has expanded to Ventura County and Beyond  (our current favorite)

Hamburger Hamlet – anyone know where there is still one?

In and Out – currently most people’s favorite


Umami Burger




The above are just a few.  Try some and figure it out for yourself.

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