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Thanksgiving is on the horizon and many families will be busy preparing food and enjoying it with their loved ones.  If you love to cook and even if you don’t but are going to be cooking listed below are the links to some delicious recipes that you may enjoy for your Thanksgiving Meal.  Take a look at them and then try out one or two or three or all.  When you do, please let me know how you, your family and friends enjoyed them.


CREAMED SPINACH  –  Spinach is one of my favorite Vegetables and this version is delicious, even for non-Spinach lovers.  It is also versatile and can be turned into a Creamed Spinach Soup just by adding some Vegetable Stock and a little more Cream or Milk.  A great recipe for Thanksgiving and the days beyond.


Creamed Spinach
           Creamed Spinach



CURRIED FRUIT STUFFING – a little different twist on Thanksgiving Stuffing – the Curry and Fruit give your stuffing additional flavor in a delicious way.  This recipe uses Traditional Stuffing Ingredients with the addition of Apple, Apricots and Golden Raisins or whatever you wish to use plus Curry Powder.  It is delicious and quite tasty with the addition of the fruit.


Juilienned Apples
Juilienned Apples


Dried Apricots


        Golden Raisins


























GOLDEN SQUASH JUBILEE – is a simple Vegetable Dish made with only 4 ingredients:

2 lbs. Banana Squash – shredded

1 cup dried Apricots – chopped

½ Cup firmly packed Brown Sugar

¼ cup Butter


This dish can be cooked in the Microwave or baked in the Oven.






MASHED POTATOES – be sure to use Russet Potatoes (you need to use a Potato that will crumble when baked so that they will mash easily




Mashed Potatoes
                                                   Mashed Potatoes





Green Asparagus
Green Asparagus




TURKEY FRITTATA – this is a great dish to use most any kind of leftover – it is an omelet made with Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Cheese as well as the leftover Turkey.  A Frittata is good for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.



TURKEY CROQUETTES – these are made with leftover Turkey, Onions and a smattering of other Vegetables – they are breaded and then fried and served with Remoulade Sauce.






TURKEY POT PIE – made with leftover Turkey, Vegetables and a Rough Puff Pastry or purchased Puff Pastry if you prefer.  Great for leftover Turkey, Chicken or whatever else you have.  Serve with a Salad and you have a complete meal.















































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