The Summer Heat Waves are over, Daylight Savings Time has ended and finally, it feels like Fall.  Time to switch meals from Summer Light to Fall Hearty.  This morning for Breakfast we had freshly baked Pumpkin Muffins along with Scrambled Eggs and fresh Coffee from Thunder Mountain Coffee on the top of Hawaii near Kona.  Having recently visited there it was hard to resist bringing back some of their Coffee.  Normally I am not a big Coffee Drinker and can do without but Thunder Mounter  Coffee is excellent and I guess I am going to have to purchase some using mail order.


             Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting and Scrambled Eggs.


To get back to Fall Foods, please check out some of the recipes on my blog.  You will find them simple to prepare, delicious and warming to eat.  Fall is time when Squash is plentiful, freshly harvested, and delicious when prepared properly.  Let’s start with Butternut Squash, a favorite among Italian Chefs.  Here is a recipe for .  Try it and let me know what you think.


While we are talking about Pasta and Squash (and yes, Pumpkin is a Squash) think about making Ravioli de Zucca.  A delicious variation of Ravioli and not too difficult to make.  It is early Fall and the  Pie Pumpkins are in the market waiting to be purchased.


Ravioli made with fresh Pumpkin



 Sugar Pie Pumpkins



Golden Squash Jubilee is another delicious  recipe – you could almost any kind of squash but yellow or orange is most attractive.  Sweet Potatoes or Carrots can be substituted for the squash.  This dish goes well with Poultry (Thanksgiving Turkey?), Pork or even Fish.

Squash can even be used to bake with.  Zuchinni Muffins are delicious – a good way to get vegetables into your diet.  For variation you can substitute Apples, Pumpkin or any other kind of fruit for the Zuchinni.


                                                    Zucchini Muffins


While we are talking about Fall Foods and Pumpkin specifically don’t forget about that Pumpkin Pie.  Follow the link to a delicious Pumpkin Pie Recipe in a non-traditional Pecan Crust.  Serve for Thanksgiving Dessert with freshly Whipped Cream.  Even though the Pie below may look burned it is not.  It is just nicely and well browned.





                                                  Pumpkin Pie in Pecan Crust
                                              Pumpkin Pie in Pastry Crust





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