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CULINARY MAKEOVERS – # 20 – Pancake and Egg Breakfast


We love Pancakes as I assume most people do.  When I was cooking for 7 or 6 or 5 and so on – there were not usually any leftovers when I made Pancakes or Waffles.  Now that we are only 2, making a small batch of Pancake or Waffle Batter is almost impossible and rather useless.  You can always use the leftover Waffle Batter to make Pancakes or more Waffles the following day or two and you can always use the leftover Pancake Batter for more Pancakes.  Unless you make your Pancake Batter somewhat thick, you’d better not use it for Waffles the next day.  I like my Pancakes on the thin and light side, so the leftover batter does not do well in the waffle iron.  So this morning for Breakfast, I took yesterday’s leftover Pancake Batter and made Pancakes and Eggs with it.  A very simple thing to do.

I used my Omelet Pan and made two  Pancakes, one for my Husband and one for myself.  Next I made Easy-Over Eggs and put one on top of each Pancake.  Add a couple of strips of Bacon, a glass of Juice and a cup of Coffee or a glass of Milk and Voila, you have Breakfast.  Easy, Simple and Fast and no wasted Pancake Batter.  The Pancakes take the place of Bread.  Very simple, like 1 – 2 – 3 and you are done!




  Pancake Side One
                             Pancake Flipped
                                       Egg Cooking
                               Egg Flipped
                                            Pancakes and Bacon

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