It has been a while since I have been active on this blog.  Unfortunately I had a ‘Freak Accident’ almost 3 months ago.  I was in the garage opening a rather large box.  I had gotten one side of the lid open and when I opened the second side, it flipped and knocked me over.  Not knowing that I had fractured (my sacrum) I got myself up, finished what I was doing, cleaned the kitchen among other things.  But by 11:30 PM and time to go to bed, I could not walk.  Crawling was the only way I was able to get to bed but by 4 AM my Husband and I decided to call 911.  The Fire Dept. Paramedics came and took me to the local Hospital where X-Rays were taken and it was determined that there were no breaks.  Four days later I was back at the same Emergency Room and a CT was taken, and it was determined that there absolutely no breaks.  Finally almost a week after the accident I was taken to our Medical Plan’s Hospital where a MRI was taken and it was finally determined that my Sacrum was fractured.  For the next 7 weeks, in spite of the pain medication, I endured horrible and torturous pain – my poor Husband had to wear earplugs every time he helped me up – the pain was so horrible that I couldn’t help but scream.

Fortunately, the pain has finally stopped and I am now trying to learn to walk again without support.  It will take a while but now I can sit for a substantial period of time whereas for the first six weeks after the accident I could not.  Even though I am still hobbling about, I am able to move around in the kitchen and cook and bake, so time now to get back to my blog.  Please keep checking back for new Blogs, Recipes and Kitchen Fun.

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