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Today’s Pumpkin Recipe is for Muffins.  The Recipe I have posted uses Cranberries as the additional fruit.  However, the photo I have posted is for  Pumpkin Muffins with diced fresh Peaches and Golden Raisins.  The Pumpkin/Cranberry Muffin is perfect for Thanksgiving whereas the Pumpkin/Raisin Muffin is ideal for Halloween or anytime of the year as well.  I used canned Pumpkin for the Muffins but whenever I make Pumpkin Pie, I much prefer to use a fresh Pumpkin.  Granted, using fresh Pumpkins is kind of a pain in the neck but well worth it.  When I post the Pumpkin Pie segment I will show the procedure for cleaning and baking a fresh pumpkin.  You cannot use the same pumpkins as used for Jack O’ Lanterns but instead use a Pie Pumpkin.  They are small, more meaty and more tasty and easier to work with.



                                 Sugar Pie Pumpkins



The Pumpkin Muffins are great for Breakfast or for a Snack.  For a little enhancement top with a Cream Cheese Frosting.  Probably the ‘healthiest’ type of frosting in that it contains Cream Cheese – a milk product.  Of course, it also contains Butter but if you are worried about the fat content you can always use less butter than the recipe calls for.



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