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On a whim (almost) I decided to try out Nearby Naturals Mushroom Grow Kit.  They have a monthly plan that I decided to try.  Not knowing that you could choose which type of mushroom you wished to receive I just went with the plan and hoped that what I got wouldn’t be Lions Mane because of all the Mushrooms I have ever eaten, this one is the first that I have not actually liked.  They have sort of a mealy taste if you slice it and cook like a normal mushroom.  They can also be torn apart and cooked like noodles but they are too soft in this form for my taste.  The reason they are called Lions Mane is because when they are pulled apart the individual spores look like lions mane.

Well, my Lions Mane grew to full size from nothing in less than two weeks and here is where my adventures start.  In trying to figure out what to do with them, I went on line to see what other people were doing with them.

The first thing I tried doing was to slice and fry them.  I served them with Spinach, Asparagus and sliced Tomato.   This was okay but not something I would want to do again.  The on-line video showed the chef just loving this sliced mushroom?


Sliced and Fried Lions Mane Mushrooms



Sliced Lions Mane Served with Spinach, Asparagus and Tomatoes














Another instance was ‘Egg Drop Soup’.  The on-line video used only water and corn starch as a thickener.  I decided to go the traditional ‘Chinese Way’ and use Chicken Broth along with some other vegetables.  This was okay and palatable but still something I would not do again.  With this recipe you pull apart the individual  spores and they look like noodles.  They were somewhat soft though and did not taste like noodles.


Lions Mane torn apart into individual spores





          Egg Drop Soup Cooking















                                   Finished Egg Drop Soup


For the recipe for the soup go to https://www.sylveeeskitchen.com/egg-drop-soup-with-lions-mane-mushrooms/


My final recipe for this crop of Lions Mane Mushrooms is ‘Fried Rice’ Lions Mane.  I took the remaining Lions Mane and extruded them through the medium shredding blade of my Food Processor.  I also shredded some Carrots and slivered some Green Onions.  I then proceeded to fry the ingredients as I would have for Fried Rice.


For the complete recipe go to https://www.sylveeeskitchen.com/recipes/dinner/vegetable-fried-rice/ and substitute the Rice with the shredded Lions Mane Mushrooms.  For a photo of the Rice please go to https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4166532770023611&set=p.4166532770023611&type=3


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