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Thanksgiving Countdown

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If you are doing the Thanksgiving Dinner at your home or even if you are invited elsewhere you may need some help in finding recipes to complete your tasks.  If you type Thanksgiving into the Search Box you will come up with many recipes.  Listed below are some of the recipes you will find.


Curried Fruit Stuffing is one of my favorites.  It provides a nice flavorful twist to  traditional stuffing recipes.   (Sorry, no photo of the stuffing but the link will provide the recipe and photos of some of the ingredients.



             Creamed Spinach





                Mashed Potatoes


Roasted Asparagus can be made with Green, White or Purple Asparagus or a medley of each.  The taste will be pretty much the same no matter which color you used.

                 Green Asparagus


The above links will all take you to the same article – in which you may find more recipes for ‘After Thanksgiving’ to use up the leftover Turkey.

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