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Cooked Copper River Salmon on a bed of Vegetables
The Copper River Salmon Season is here.  The salmon is appearing now in markets and this is the season to buy, prepare and eat it.  The price will vary depending on where you buy it, but if you are aware of who sells it and why the price is what it is, you will be able to determine which is best for you.  Copper River Salmon is a dark orange and it is rich in Oils which have untold benefits.  For a full description of what Omega-3 Oils can do for you go to the National Institute of Health’s Website.  Aside from the health benefits that you obtain from eating this salmon, the flavor is outstanding and preparation is simple.  The flavor is so good, that you really do not need to add anything to it, but of course, that is up to you and your palate.
For our dinner tonight, I had an abundance of sliced vegetables left over from our pizza dinner last night and needed to do something with them before they deteriorated.  I decided that making Copper River Salmon was the perfect way to go.  Along with the salmon, I made mushroom risotto and a fresh amazon to go with the salmon.
Uncooked Copper River Salmon, Raspberry Sauce & Asparagus
I sautéed the mushrooms in olive oil and then added the Arborio Rice and stirred until it was completely covered in the olive oil.  I then added enough Chicken Stock to completely cover the rice, stirred and added a small amount of sea salt and allowed it to cook, uncovered until most of the liquid was absorbed and the rice was the consistency that we desired.  Rice for risotto is usually cooked until is soft, but not mushy.  Some people like it to have a slight crunch, but that is not the way we do.  A little more liquid may have to be added during the cooking process, but you do not want it to be too soupy.  When the rice was done to our taste, I added a small amount of cream and some parmesan cheese and then put it on the lowest heat to keep warm while I cooked the salmon. If desired, a small amount of minced fresh basil can be added at the end.  (If you add it during the cooking process most of the flavor will cook out)
To cook theSalmon, I sautéed the leftover vegetables (onion and red bell pepper)in Olive Oil along with a small amount of vom Fass Lemon infused Olive Oil.  Once the Vegetables were almost cooked, I added an additional amount of oil and cooked the salmon, skin side down.  After about 3-5 minutes, I flipped it and then cooked the other side.  Copper River Salmon is good if not cooked all the way through.  In other words, it can be rare in the middle.  (I love raw fish and think cooking destroys the flavor – in this instance a small amount of cooking on each side along with the rare middle is perfect.
Vegetables Sauteeing
Once the salmon was cooked, I transferred the vegetables to a serving platter and then placed the salmon on top.  I made a raspberry sauce to go along with the salmon and served it with the risotto and lightly cooked asparagus tips.  Adelicious meal and one that is also good for a summer meal.  Not too filling, but satisfying and  filled with nutrients.
The recipe for the raspberry sauce is below.  This is good not only for salmon but for waffles, pancakes and ice cream or other desserts.
1 cup Raspberries
1 tsp. Lemon Juice
1-2 Tbsps. Simple Syrup
1 Tbsp. aged Balsamic Vinegar or Framboise (Raspberry) Liqueur
Place the raspberries in a food processor fitted with the metal blade.
Run until the berries are pureed and transfer to a strainer placed over a small bowl.
Use the back of a spoon to force the berries through the mesh of the strainer and discard the seeds.  (If using seedless raspberries you can skip this step)
Add the remaining ingredients to the raspberries and serve or use to garnish the serving dish.
Yield:  1 cup

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