We all look forward to Thanksgiving and the big bird, but once we have had the big dinner and a few
sandwiches from leftovers, we begin to tire of the repetition.  This is where your imagination and creativity needs to come into play to help you create totally new dishes from those leftovers.  Usually the best part of the turkey is gobbled at Thanksgiving dinner and after the sandwiches there are only what seem like scraps of what is most probably dark meat left.  The dark meat actually has the most flavor and can be used for a variety of leftovers.  One of these may be a Frittata which is the Italian term for an
Omelet.  The Frittata may be made with the leftover turkey scraps as well as any leftover vegetables.  A is great for brunch, lunch, dinner or a midnight snack.  For the complete recipe please see the recipe section/lunches of this blog.

Another item that some of us make too much of is Cranberry Sauce.  When you get tired of eatingcranberry sauce, the leftovers can be put into Jello, mixed with other fruit for a compote or
can be put into quick bread products.  One such is Cranberry Sauce Biscuits which by the way would be excellent even for Thanksgiving dinner.  The biscuits are made just like any biscuit recipe but the cranberry sauce is added at the end.  Sauce made from the whole cranberry works best with this recipe which is under recipes/bread on this blog. The biscuits dough in the picture below was made in the food processor.  Whenever you make any dough in the food processor you usually need to reduce the liquid as the processor goes at such a rapid rate that it incorporates more liquid into the flour than you can do by hand.


Cranberry Biscuit Dough



Cranberry Biscuits before being Baked



When you make your Cranberry Sauce Biscuits, you do need to strain the sauce before you use it as the liquid portion would make the dough to soft and sticky unless you eliminate the sour cream.  Instead of throwing out the strained liquid put it into a glass or pitcher (depending on how much you have) and add some sparkling water or wine to it and you will have a delicous spritzer.


Cranberry Spritzer



Since Thanksgiving is the end of fresh corn season many of you may have elected to serve corn in one of your Thanksgiving dishes.  If so, try putting that extra corn into a mixed vegetable dish or into a bread product.  Leftover sweet potatoes can be turned into pancakes or more biscuits.


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