Thanksgiving dinner is close at hand and if you are still hunting for recipes, here are a few that may help you.  Most of them are simple and can be done as late as the day of Thanksgiving.  Others, such as the pie or bread can easily be done a day or two before.

They are categorized in dishes and will be listed from easiest to hardest or most time consuming.  Please try some out and let me know what you think about them.


Stuffed Mushrooms – a tasty appetizer that can be made a day ahead.  Just heat them up right before serving.  You will need plates, forks and knives and napkins for this one.   /stuffed-mushrooms/

Corn Relish – a nice condiment that is perfect for Thanksgiving.  This gives you a chance to do something with the end of harvest corn that is a little different from the usual.  Does take some preparation time but can be done ahead and refrigerated or made in quantity and canned.   /corn-relish/


Fresh Corn Relish

Golden Squash Jubilee – a relatively simple recipe that can be cooked within minutes in the microwave.  The food processor does most of the prep work for you.   /golden-squash-jubilee/

Creamed Spinach – another Food Processor prep and microwave cook recipe.  This recipe used fresh spinach that is minimally cooked.  You can taste the freshness.  Very good.   /creamed-spinach/

Curry Fruit Dressing – this recipe uses packaged stuffing mix but you add the vegetables and fruit.
The vegetables do have to be sautéed.  It is best to do this the day before Thanksgiving and refrigerate
it.  Then you can just stuff it into the turkey right before it goes into the oven.   /curried-fruit-stuffing/

Pumpkin Yeast Biscuits – if you like pumpkin and biscuits and if you like to make yeast dough.
This is a very tasty version the leftovers of which can be eaten with cranberry sauce or just plain butter.  Make these the day or days before.  They can be frozen before the final raising and baking.   /pumpkin-yeast-biscuits/

Uses for Leftovers:

Indian Corn Waffles – a great breakfast, luncheon or supper dish.  The waffles are made with
cornmeal and you have the option of adding fresh, frozen or canned corn kernels to the batter.  Great as a base for Turkey Ala King.   /indian-corn-waffles/

Turkey Frittata – made with leftover turkey and is great for brunch or lunch.   /turkey-frittata/

Cranberry Sauce Biscuits – a great use for leftover Cranberry Sauce.  Very tasty and colorful.   /cranberry-sauce-biscuits/

Cranberry Biscuits ready for the oven


Hope these suggestions and recipes will come in handy for you.




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