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Bread made from Mashed Potatoes
If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you will have noticed that I don’t like to throw away leftovers and have fun turning them into something different.  Sometimes it takes a little imagination and creativityand maybe a little work, but believe me, it is well worth the thought and the effort!
Almost everyone makes Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving Dinner (and other dinners) and probably almost everyone has leftover Mashed Potatoes.  You can just heat them up and eat them with another meal, but if you are tired of doing that there are several things that you can turn your mashed potatoes into.  These include Potato Pancakes, Shepherd’s Pie (mashed potatoes serve as a top crust),  Waffles or Potato Bread.  This article deals with the latter. 
Potato Bread is a delicious bread that  is one of the best solutions to leftover mashed potatoes.  The bread is extra good because Mashed Potatoes already have a lot of goodies in them, such as butter and milk or cream.  In our case it was Half & Half but I sometimes use heavy cream or even Cream Cheese.You start with the Mashed Potatoes and just keep adding ingredients to them until it becomes bread.  You will find the recipe under the Recipes/Baking/Bread  Section in this blog. /breads/potato-bread/ Below are step by step photos to show you the process.  I used my Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer, but you can make the dough by hand.  DO NOT try to make it with a portable mixer.  You will just end up by destroying your mixer.  Much better to do it by hand.  Also, this is not a great dough to do in your Food Processor.  I am a great believer in the Food Processor and make most of my doughs in it, but when you add eggs to a yeast dough, it has a hard time handling it. Just follow the directions in the recipe and you should have no trouble at all. Leftover Mashed Potatoes               



Left over mashed Potatoes in mixer bowl.

Leftover Mashed Potatoes











Mixing the Dough with the Dough Hook




The finished dough


The risen dough waiting to be punched down



Dough divided into 3 portions
The Dough rolled out into ropes




Divide the Dough into 3 equal portions










Roll each piece out into a long rope





Fastening the dough ropes together





Pinch the ropes together at the top








Braiding the Ropes together




Braid the Dough Ropes together









The Braided Dough on greased pan sprinkled with cornmeal before rising


The Finished Braid


The final rising takes about 45 minutes.

The Risen Braid


The Baked Braid













Finished Bread Ready for Serving & Eating






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