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On Saturday, February 11th Let’s Get Cookin’ in Westlake Village, I taught our annual Parent/Child Valentine Class.  This year the theme was Decorated Valentine Cakes.  Each Parent/Child Team decorated their own cake and cupcakes.  In addition, each team made Heart-shaped candy Lollipops to take home.  Here are some photos from the classes which were held at 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM.  Each class took about 21/2 hours and everyone went home with a cake.  Everyone had a very good time including the Instructor and Teaching Assistants, namely Elizabeth, Tina, Mia and Mary.
Mother & Daughter with their decorated cake


Cassie & Father Michael with their Cake


Mother & Daughter with their decorated cake












Riley & her Mother
Riley, making roses
Sophia decorating her cake
Sophia's Cake
More Valentine Cakes



Colorful Cake
Colorful Cake
Holding Colorful Cake
Jade and Mother
Contemplating eating a piece of cake



Mother & Daughter with their Cake
Jackie & Jamie with their Cake
Made with Brotherly Love
Avalon's Cake






Mother & Daughter with their cake
Jamie's Lovely Cake

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