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April 14th


Bite into an ethereal piece of heaven – a delightful flaky tasty Buttermilk Biscuit, which if made properly will be a delicious accompaniment to most any meal or even be the basis of a meal itself.  The Southern United States is probably the most famous place for Buttermilk Biscuits, but that does not mean you can’t find good ones any place else.  Actually, one of our famous fast food fried chicken companies has an excellent biscuit.  (Whether or not it is made with buttermilk or plain milk, I don’t know, but it is really a very good biscuit)

Of course, you can find them right in your own kitchen by making your own.  All it takes is some flour, baking powder, baking soda, butter, salt, a dash of sugar and of course buttermilk.  The secret to making good biscuits is to not over-knead the dough nor to roll it out too flat.  You can also make the buttermilk biscuit into a drop biscuit and then you have no fear of over-kneading because you do not knead.  To make a drop biscuit, just add a tablespoon or so extra of buttermilk and then drop the dough onto a greased pan and bake as you would for the kneaded variety.


Drop Biscuits before baking


When baking biscuits, place them in the baking closely togethr.  If there is too much room between the biscuits, they will spread out and turn out flat.  When they are placed close together (with about 1/4″ space between each one) they will rise up and be fluffy and puffy, not flat.

Enough about making them, but what are they ways in which you can use them, other than just eating them plain, buttered, with honey or jam or jelly?

Biscuits can be used for the toppings of deep dish pies, either savory or sweet.  You can add cheese to the dough and have cheese biscuits.  In the South, Biscuits and Country Gravy are a popular breakfast food.  You can make mini- egg & cheese sandwiches from biscuits and biscuits are also the traditional ‘cake’ for the Strawberry Short Cake.  Biscuits are great with stews, chili or fried chicken.  In short, they can be served in numerous ways and can be eaten with any number of condiments.  So, on Monday, April 14th or any other day, make some biscuits and serve them to your family.  Use your imagination and see how many different ways you can come up with to vary the use of Buttermilk Biscuits.

Try the Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe in this blog;  experiment with it and see how many different variations you can create. baked-goods/breads/buttermilk-biscuits/


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