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‘National Taco Day’.


Thursday, October 4th is ‘National Taco Day’.  Like many other ethnic foods, Tacos have become as American as Apple Pie, although Apple Pie actually originated in England.  Just like people, there are many variations of tacos.  If you want authentic tacos, try going to Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles where there are many Mexican Restaurants.  Here in Newbury Park, we have a taco place that is as authentic as I have ever eaten here in the States.  It is called ‘Taco Sanchez’ and it is situated in the old Taco Bell building by Roma’s Italian Deli right off of Borchard Road.


Pictured are Carne Asado Tacos

with Mango Salsa and Guacamole



Since Thursday is ‘National Taco Day’, it would be fun to make tacos for your family and/or your friends for dinner.  Tacos are one of those dishes that can be turned into party food very easily and what is more fun than to have a Taco Bar Party.  To make a Taco Bar Party or just Tacos for dinner you will need some important ingredients and you will have to decide what fillings your Tacos should have.

MEAT FILLINGS                                                   ACCOMPANIMENTS

  • Carne Asada (Beef)                                        Salsa Cruda
  • Carnitas (Pork)                                              Guacamole
  • Chicken                                                         Shredded Cabbage or Lettuce
  • Shrimp                                                          Diced Tomatoes
  • Lobster                                                          Shredded Cheese
  • Ahi                                                                Green Onions
  • Tofu                                                              Sliced Radishes

Additional Items

Crema (Mexican version of Creme Fraiche)

Tortilla Chips

Grilled Scallions (Green Onions)

Sliced Olives

Cilantro Leaves


To make your Tacos, it is best to prep all the items ahead of time, except maybe for the Meat Fillings which should be hot when served.  Some items can be reheated, but most are best right after being origianlly cooked.


Prepare your Garnishes or Accompaniments first and refrigerate if there is going to be a lot of time between prep and serving.

salsa-cruda/ is an uncooked Tomato Salsa usually made with Tomatoes, Chilies, Garlic and Cilantro along with a little Salt and the Juice of a Lime or two.


Salsa Cruda


Guacamole  is a wonderful condiment made from Avocadoes, Garlic, Jalapenos (optional), Salt, Cilantro and Lime Juice.  The Guacamole we were served in Guadlajara was simply mashed Avocadoes and Lime Juice, but I like it with the additional ingredients listed above.  Mole refers to ‘sauce’ and the name guaca as told to me by one of my Hispanic Students just means crazy, mixed, so therefore,Guacamole is just a sauce of ‘mixed up’ Avocadoes.  Hence, the mashed Avocadoes and Lime in Guadalajara.  The lime wasn’t even in it – just served on the side.  For the recipe go to chunky-guacamole/




Shredded Lettuce and Diced Tomaotes


Guacamole, Lettuce & Tomatoes


The filling that I recently used was Ground Beef cooked with Garlic, diced Onions and diced Red Bell Pepper or Pimiento in Spanish.  The Garlic and Onions were sauteed first and then the Beef was added.  The Bell Peppers were added just at the end to avoid being overcooked.


Cooking the Meat
Cooked Meat with diced Bell Peppers added













Keep the Meat warm while frying your Taco Shells.  You can also do the Taco Shells ahead and keep warm in the oven.  Tacos are usually made from Corn Tortillas, but you can also use Flour Tortillas, especially if you want soft tacos.  Corn Tortillas are usually fried crisp but you can also cook them so that they will be soft.  When frying your Tortillas in Oil, be sure to either drain them on a rack set over a baking pan or drain on paper towels.  The rack method is best in that the oil drips down.  With the paper towels, the Taco Shells will be sitting on the oil that drains off of them.  First fry them on each side, flat then use a wooden spoon to help fold them and leave a space for the filling to be put into.


Frying Tortillas



Fried Tortillas


Mexican Fruit Salad is a nice accompaniment to a Taco Meal.  Use Tropical Fruit such as Papaya, Pineapple, Mango and Melons.


Mexican Fruit Salad with Blood Orange Syrup and Lime Juice


To complete the meal, add Mexican Rice mexican-rice/ or refried Beans.

Whichever way you make your Tacos, enjoy them or if you don’t feel like cooking, just go to your local Tacqueria!








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