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Mexican Lasagna – CULINARY MAKEOVERS # 13



Number Thirteen

Mexican Lasagna






On Monday we had Tacos for Dinner.  There are just certain things that cannot be made in amounts small enough for two people, therefore there are leftovers.  Not wanting to throw out the leftovers, I decided to turn them into a new dish.  The items that were left over was the cooked Ground Beef Mixture that we used for the Tacos along with Salsa and diced Tomatoes.  In the freezer I had some Basil Pasta that I had made at a previous meal.

The Basil Pasta was homemade and even though it was a very small amount, it was so good (I make very thin pasta which we love) I just couldn’t throw it away.  In addition, I had another type of pasta in the freezer.  The second pasta was completely different from the Basil Pasta, but that didn’t matter.  In addition, there was some shredded Mozzarella Cheese and Corn Kernels.  I added some Enchilada Sauce (also in the freezer) to the Salsa and diced Tomatoes.

I thinly sliced some Green Onions (Scallions) and Olives.  These two items were used as a garnish on top of the finished dish.

So here is what I did to create the Mexican Lasagna.

  • I took my 9 x9 glass baking dish and lightly coated the bottom with a small amount of Olive Oil.
  • The Basil Pasta was laid out on the bottom of the dish.  (Coincidentally, there was just enough to cover the bottom.
Basil Pasta at Bottom of Dish


  • Next, I added part of  the Enchilada Sauce/Salsa/Tomato Mixture to the cooked Ground Beef and tossed it all together.  Then the Beef was placed on top of the Basil Pasta.
The Cooked Meat with Red Bell Peppers
Sauce Added to the Cooked Meat












Sauced Meat Added to the Pasta


  • Next came a layer of Corn Kernels.  ( No need to cook – this gets done when you bake the Lasagna)


Corn Added


  • On top of the Corn I placed the other Pasta that I had leftover and then added some more of the Sauce.


Sauce added to Second Layer of Pasta











  • On top of the Sauce went the shredded Cheese and on top of this went the Green Onions and Sliced Olives.  Since I put this together in the morning it had to be refrigerated until dinner time.
Cheese Added
Green Onions and Olives Added












  • About 45 minutes before dinner I placed the dish of Lasagna in a cold oven.  (Do not put cold glass in a hot oven – the sudden temperature differential will cause the glass to expand too rapidly and break)
  • I then turned the oven to 350 degrees and allowed the Lasagna to cook until it was heated through and the cheese on top had melted.  (You can tell when it is done because not only will the cheese melt, but the sauce will start steaming when it becomes heated)


In the Oven
Baled amd Ready to Serve



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