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Tapioca is the starch of the Cassava Plant or Manioc as it is called in certain parts of the world.  Portuguese Explorers became familiar with it through contact with the natives of Brazil.  The most familiar of Tapioca is the pearl.  Other forms are sticks and powder.  For those of you who like the Bobba drinks which are popular in many Asian Countries and more recently in the US, the pearls used in Bobba are just large Tapioca Pearls which do need to be cooked before using.

I recently found powdered Tapioca which can be used in place of Cornstarch as a thickener.  If you like the texture of Tapioca Pudding but don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking it, this is the way to go.  April 28th is ‘National Tapioca Day’ and therefore is a great time to try out this amazing starch.  I love the texture that it imparts to pudding.  Almost reminds of ‘Gummy Bears’.  It is chewy, yet it is not.  Try my recipe and see for yourself.  /deserts/chocolate-tapioca-pudding/





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