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The second Friday in October is ‘World Egg Day’.  This is certainly fitting, because Eggs are probably the one major food that is consumed by people all over this planet.  The majority of Eggs consumed are Chicken Eggs, but Duck Eggs are very popular in China and the South Eastern Asian Countries.  The photo below was taken at an outdoor market in Thailand.



Duck Eggs & Pink Colored Pickled Duck Eggs

Also popular in Asia are un-hatched Eggs.  As kids we used to love them in Chicken Soup but health laws forbid the sale of them here in the States, at least in California.



Un-hatched Chicken Eggs


Quail Eggs are used in Gourmet Cooking, more for looks and ‘Eye Appeal’ than for nutrition as they are so small.  In the picture below Quail Eggs were baked in Mini- Pate Choux Cups (Cream Puff Shells) by the Teen and Pre/Teen students in our Summer ‘Basics Culinary Camp’ at Let’s Get Cookin’ in Westlake Village, CA.


Quail Eggs in Pate Choux Cups

Turkey Eggs are probably consumed too as well as Ostrich Eggs which definitely top off the list of ‘large’ Eggs.  One Ostrich Egg would probably feed a dozen people, if not more.  Since this is World Egg Day, there will follow a short list of Egg Dishes consumed Globally by people all over the world.  By far, the most popular use for Eggs is for Breakfast, but Eggs are one of those foods that can be consumed for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.  The Egg is probably my all-around most favorite food.  I can eat it any time of the day.


Brazilian Omelet -this Omelet is made with Cream Cheese, Bacon, Pineapple and Avocado.  Different, but tasty.  The Brazilian Omelet is good for Brunch, Lunch or Dinner.


Brazilian Omelet

Denver Omelet  (USA) – made with Bell Pepper, Ham and Cheese.  A popular Southwestern Dish.

Egg Foo Young  (Chinese) – a popular dish in Chinese Restaurants – made with Vegetables, Bean Sprouts, and occasionally Shrimp.  Sometimes served with a Brown Sauce.


Egg Foo Young


Eggs Benedict    – Eggs Benedict is an American breakfast dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin, topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce.

French Omelet – usually folded in half and somewhat moist inside.

Frittata (Italian) –  started in the pan and finished in the oven – the amount of ingredients in the Frittata make it difficult to turn so the top side is baked or broiled.



Broccoli Frittata



Thai Omelet – similar to Egg Foo Young – contains Vegetables and sometimes meat – fried in oil in a Wok or pan.  Results in a thin, crispy, tasty omelet.

Salami Eggs (Jewish Deli Food) – salami cooked into the Omelet


Salami Eggs Cooking

Salami Eggs















Tortilla (Spanish Omelet)– in Spain, the Omelet is called a Tortilla – usually cooked with sliced Potatoes in it – the American version with Tomatoes and Peppers is not really a Spanish Omelet.  The Spanish Explorers probably named the Flat Bread ‘Tortilla’ because it looked like a Spanish Omelet.


Whichever way you enjoy your Eggs or whatever kind of Eggs you like, do indulge.  Eggs are a healthy food, which contain the best complete protein.  Even though the yolks may contain cholesterol, they also contain lecithin which helps to reduce cholesterol.


Lastly, don’t forget that Eggs are essential in most baked goods.  For more info about Eggs see ‘The Versatility of Eggs’ under Archives June 2013.


Whisking the Eggs




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