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October 16th is World Food Day.  A Day dedicated to ending World Hunger.  Will that ever happen?  I certainly hope so.  Let’s all help where we can!


Aside from saving the world from hunger it would be fun to see if we can come up with 26 different foods – one for each letter of the Roman Alphabet that each represents a different country.  Then let’s see how many of those foods we have eaten and then how many of those foods we have actually made or grown.  Fun, Yes?  I think so!  Maybe then we can all do one thing to help end world hunger and malnutrition.   Anyone have a dish for U – if so, please let me know in the comment section.  Thank You!

*Indicateds those I have made and/or grown

A                     Apple Strudel *                                                                 Austria

B                     Brazilian Omelet *                                                             Brazil

C                     Chicken Cacciatore *                                                         Italy

D                     Denver Omelet                                                                 US

E                      Enchiladas *                                                                    Mexico

F                      French Omelet *                                                              France

G                     Gefilte Fish *                                                                   Eastern Europe

H                     Hollandaise Sauce *                                                         France

I                      Irish Soda Bread *                                                          Ireland

J                      Joujookh (Spiced Sausages)                                             Armenia

K                      Kielbasa                                                                         Poland

L                      Lamb Curry                                                                    India

M                     Minestrone *                                                                   Italy

N                     Napoleons *                                                                    France

O                     O Jo Jo Meatballs                                                               Nigeria

P                      Pad Thai Noodles *                                                          Thailand

Q                     Quince  Jelly                                                                    England

R                      Rémoulade Sauce *                                                         France

S                      Sushi *                                                                           Japan

T                      Tandori Chicken                                                               India


V                     Veal Piccata *                                                                   Italy

W                    Wurst                                                                               Germany

X                     Xerem de Fiesta                                                                Cape Verde, Africa

Y                      Yellow Watermelon                                                           California + ?

Z                      Zebra Tomatoes (Red & Green Varities) *                           California +?

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