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Family Arrival at LAX
Family Arrival at LAX

My two sons and daughter-in-law who all live in a foreign country came home to visit for 2 ½ weeks during their school vacation.  Aside from visiting with friends and relatives, one of their objectives was to visit some of their favorite food haunts.

This Odyssey started right off the plane with a visit to ‘Tito’s Tacos’ in West L. A.  Tacos, enchiladas, burritos and salsa were enjoyed by all, however this time I think they had their fill and said it wasn’t nearly as good as it used to be.

Quinn at Tito's Tacos
Quinn at Tito’s Tacos


Hooray!  Next time we won’t have to visit there.  We can just go straight home from the airport and eat the delicious Lox, Barbecued Cod and Smoked Salmon along with Western Bagels, Cream Cheese and sliced tomatoes that was waiting for them.  Always their first home meal of choice when returning from abroad.



Lox and Bagels
Lox and Bagels



The next day, Friday, I had a Teen Brownie Class at LGC and Quinn who used to help me at my classes volunteered to TA this evening.  Monti and Kratae also came along as the class was not full.  Kratae sat and enjoyed the evening and Monti volunteered to work with one of the students who did not have a partner that evening.  The Brownies that Monti and his partner made actually turned out to be the best of the lot.  It was a caramel/marshmallow creation that everyone loved.    Several different types of Brownies and a light supper of Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and Salad was served to everyone.


 Double Chocolate BrowniesButterscotch Brownies

For some Brownie recipes go to /baked-goods/brownies/


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