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DINING ON MAUI – (cont’d.)


Tuesday we lunch at a Storefront Restaurant called Coconuts Fish Cafe.  Even though it was storefront restaurant, the food quality was excellent and the décor was very attractive.  In the photo above, the car is reflected in the door’s windows.  (Not great photography, but the only photo I have)  The tables and benches were all made in the shape of Surfboards as were the recipe boards.  The fish was all very fresh and prepared quite well.  Ev wanted Fish and Chips;  these were not your ordinary Fish & Chips that one would get Stateside.  The meal consisted of Ahi and Mahi and the Fries were skinny and crispy.  I ordered their signature dish which was Fish Tacos.  Again these were no ordinary Fish Tacos – the Fish was not breaded, just grilled and good and was again Hawaiian Fish.  Diced Mango, Lettuce and Tomato were also on the Tacos. The order consisted of two Tacos and each was served on a separate plate.  This meal was so good that we visited this Restaurant again before we left for home.

Fish and Chips at Coconut
Fish and Chips at Coconuts
Fish Tacos at Coconut
Fish Tacos at Coconuts











Tuesday night, since lunch was sufficient to call dinner we decided just to stay in and cook a simple meal for ourselves.  Dinner or Supper consisted of Bacon and Eggs, Grilled Pineapple and strips of Baby Jicama.  If you have never had Baby Jicama do try it during the summer when the Farmer’s Markets Vendors are bound to have.  It is tender and sweet and the skin is much thinner than in the more mature varieties.


The next day was Wednesday and we spent most of the morning at Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park.  The object of course, was to look for Native Birds and we did see the birds we set out to see – the I`iwi, `Apapane, `Amakihi and Maui Creeper as well as the  Redbilled Leiothrix.  On our way back from the Mountain we stopped and picked up lunch of Roast Beef Sandwiches and Potato/Mac Salad.  The Potato/Mac Salad is an Hawaiian traditional side dish.  Potato/Mac Salad is as it sounds:  Potato Salad with cooked Elbow Macaroni in it – in this way you get two salads at once – Potato and Macaroni.

After exerting a lot of energy on the Mountain we went back to the Condo and spent the afternoon resting.  I tried out the Hot Tub at the poolside and treated myself to a Shave Ice – another favorite specialty in the Hawaiian Islands.  For dinner we went to a Restaurant called Pizza Madness and had a  Pepperoni/Vegie Pizza.  Even though it was only a medium it was so large that we had enough to take home for lunch the next day.


Pepperoni and Vegie Pizza
Pepperoni and Vegie Pizza





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