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Cranberries and their Use

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the day after there are usually so many leftovers that you don’t know what to do with them.  The Turkey is easy – it makes great sandwiches and even the Potatoes are not too difficult.  They go with anything.  But what happens to that Cranberry?  Cranberries unlike most Berries are not sweet – they are usually tart and sugar must be added to them to make them palatable.  But Cranberries do make a wonderful sauce that complements the Turkey and even the Ham.


So, what if you have Cranberry Sauce left over and no one wants to eat it anymore?  Help is around the corner or literally just up above in the recipe section of this blog.  You can make Cranberry Sauce Cornbread or Biscuits.


What if you just have Cranberries that haven’t been used.  Many people are probably like me and buy the big bag just because it is more practical.  I buy the big bag because Cranberries are not usually available all year long and I like to have them on hand, so I keep the excess in the Freezer.  One dish, using whole Cranberries is one that my whole loves.  It is Cranberry Chicken – Chicken made with the whole Cranberry and then there is Cranberry/Pineapple Chicken.  Whichever you decide to make, they are both delicious.  But right now, let’s get back to the leftover Cranberry Sauce.


First on the Agenda is the Cranberry Corn Bread- so just up above to the recipe section and click on baked goods and then click on breads and then on the Cranberry Cornbread.  In that same section is the Cranberry Sauce Biscuit Recipe (only all that reads in the index is Cranberry Sauce) – just click on that and it will take you to the Biscuit Recipe.


Cranberry Cornbreadcranberry-cornbread

The Baked Cranberry Bread with cut edge exposed
The Baked Cranberry Bread with cut edge exposed


Cranberry Sauce Biscuits –  cranberry-sauce-biscuits


Cranberries can also be used for Fruit Muffins or Bread          breads/fruit-muffins

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