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Unlike most of the rest of the country, Sunny Southern California offers its Farmer’s Markets all year long.

One such market is the Ventura Farmer’s Market which takes place on Saturday mornings.  I made a trip out there from Thousand Oaks (about 30 miles) because I needed to purchase Eggs from my favorite Egg supplier (Canyon Meadow Farms).  I usually purchase the eggs from them at the Thousand Oaks Farmers Market but from the week before Thanksgiving until the week after New Years, the Thousand Oaks Farmer’s Market gets displaced because of the Holiday Season.  ( The space they use is needed for parking at the Mall).

Ventura Farmers Mkt.  12.12 (2)
Canyon Meadow Farms – the best ever Eggs!



One of the  Vendors at the Ventura Market included sold  California Produced  Olive Oils which were made from olives grown in Northern California.   Their stock included sizes from pints to gallons and gift packs including cooking oils and bath and body soaps and oils.  I purchased a Gift Pack of a variety of oils which ranged from mild tasting to a very strong olive taste.  I am a lover of Olives and Olive Oil and I think the stronger the taste the better.  I think the recipient of this gift will feel the same way.  Pictured below are some of the Oils that were being sold.


California Produced Olive OIl
California Produced Olive Oil


When you have Olive Oil, you start thinking about Salads and the fresh lettuces and other produce that were available were irrestible.  They were bright green and purple and many other colors.  The lettuce was perfect for Salads and I could not resist buying several bunches.  I also purchased Chinese Spinach from Underwoods Family Farm Booth.  Underwoods  have two locations, one in Somis on the 118 and the other in Moorpark right off of Tierra Rejada.  When Ik want fresh produce, I do not have to wait for the Farmers’ Markets, however it certainly is a little bit easier for me to purchase my produce at the Oaks Farmer’s Market when it is open.  Unfortunately, it is not open during the Christmas Holiday Season.



Ventura Farmers Mkt.  12.12 (6)
Underwood Family Farms Booth






Ventura Farmers Mkt.  12.12 (5)
Salad Greens












Some additional Vegetables that were being sold were Leeks, Onions, Garlic and a variety of fresh Herbs which I love to cook with!



Ventura Farmers Mkt.  12.12 (4)
Leeks, Onions, Garlic and Herbs



More Fresh Produce
More Fresh Produce











For years now Strawberries have been grown year-round in Southern California.  The varieties differ from season to season, but the taste of our locally grown berries is delicious and sweet no matter what time of year they are grown in.  Even though I had recently purchased several boxes of Blackberries at our local market I still couldn’t resist the Strawberries that were on display.  I only bought one box however, just for eating out of hand.






All in All, it is worth a trip to your local Farm or Farmer’s Market to get fresh, delicious produce, especially if it is grown without chemical additives and pesticides!  Most of the Vendors at the local Southern California Markets have become Certified Organic Farmers which means that they do not use chemicals!














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