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One way to use up some of your Apples (if you have too many) is to make Apple Kuchen.  Kuchen is a great breakfast item or dressed up with whipped cream or Ice Cream, it makes a great dessert for any meal.  Kuchen is simple to make and delicious to eat.  You will find the recipe by using the link above.  Just click on Apple Kuchen and you will be taken to the recipe.  Continue here and you will see some step by step photos to help you with your baking.


The Dough is simple to make and can easily be made by hand in a medium-size mixing bowl.  When making the Kuchen divide the Dough in half and either roll out half (on floured surface – as the recipe says) or just press half the Dough into your greased baking dish.  (8 x 8 or 9 x 9 is best)



Kuchen Dough pressed into Baking Dish



Peel and slice your Apples (don’t worry if they start to turn a little brown – this will disappear when baked)

You can either toss the Apples with the Cinnamon and Sugar in a separate bowl or just arrange the Apples on the Dough and then sprinkle with the Cinnamon and Sugar.  Either way will work.



Apples on Dough



Cinnamon and Sugar Added



Next, either roll out the remaining Dough or just scoop dabs and place on top of the Apples.  ( didn’t have quite enough dough to roll out so I scooped the Dough with a #60 Scoop or you can just used a spoon) I lightly pressed the dabs of dough onto the Apples.  This method worked quite fine.


Bake for the time stated in the recipe at 350 degrees.  Kuchen is best served warm and is quite good with Vanilla Sauce as stated in the recipe.  I reheated the Kuchen the next morning with some Cheddar on top and we ate it for breakfast.  Kuchen can also be served with whipped Cream and/or Vanilla Ice Cream.



  Baked Kuchen


Served with Melted Cheddar




Either way you serve it, it will be delicious!


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