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I love Thai Food as long as it is not too hot.  Over the years since the first time i ate Thai Food my Taste Buds have become adjusted to some heat – moderate – but super hot.  Thai Beef Salad is one of my favorites that I often order when in a Thai Restaurant – I usually order it just below medium and always get a side of Rice to go with it just in case it is too hot.  My beverage preference is usually Thai Ice Coffee or Thai Ice Tea.  Recently two of my former students from Let’s Get Cookin came to visit and cook.  We usually do this about twice a year and the food choice is always theirs.  So for our Summer Visit we made Thai Beef Salad.  There are different variations on this salad – pulling from the Salads I have eaten out and recipes that I have looked, we created our own version.  The Dressing Ingredients are usually Lime Juice, and  Fish Sauce.  The first time I made it it didn’t have enough potency so I added a little more Fish Sauce.  The Lime Juice and Fish Sauce are the key components of the dressing for a Thai Beef Salad.  I also like to add a little Peanut Oil and crushed Garlic (to taste, of course).  Posted here are photos of different versions of Thai Beef Salad.  Starting with the one we made at our last cooking session which also has Avocado in it – (my addition)

In the Photos below one can notice the subtle differences between the different variations and locale.  The Thai version has julienned Carrots and Onions in and Cherry Tomatoes.

The Hawaiian version has a lot of Red Onions, Scallions and sliced Cucumber.

The Exotic Thai version has larger pieces of meat, Cherry Tomatoes and sliced Carrots.

There are similarities and differences in all the versions but the in the end they all taste pretty similar depending on the degree of heat used in the dressing.  If you are a fan of very spicy food add some Thai or jalapeno Chilies to the Salad.

Have some fun and try creating your own version of this delicious Salad which is a perfect dish for Hot Summer Days!

You can find my recipe at THAI BEEF SALAD – A Culinary Adventure for the Entire Family – Sylveee’s Kitchen – Modern Family Cuisine (

Thai Beef Salad (Thailand)
Thai Beef Salad – Maui, Hawaii


Thai Beef Salad (Exotic Thai – Newbury Park, CA

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