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Autumn has arrived and with it comes Apple Season.  Apples are good just to eat out of hand but they are also delicious in many different kinds of recipes starting Caramel Apples and Apple Sauce and then going on to numerous baked goods.

In preparation for using Apples in baked goods it is best to pick Apples that are not quite ripe and have few or no bruises.  (Bruised areas can be cut out but if an Apple is extremely bruised it is best not to use it.  Even though the skin is most likely to be removed, I still like to wash before peeling.  Wash them in cold water and place in a colander so the excess water will drip out.  Then dry your Apples before peeling them.  Before peeling the Apples have a large bowl of cold water ready and add the juice of one lemon to the water.  This will help prevent browning of the peeled Apple.  After the skin is removed, cut the Apples in half and remove the cores.  Return each Apple to the Water as the cores are removed.  Next, depending on the intended use of the Apple either quarter or slice them.  Suggestions are below.




BAKED APPLES – cored and left whole

PIES – Peeled, cored and then sliced into Eighths

TURNOVERS – Peeled, cored and then sliced into Eighths

APPLE SAUCE – Peeled, cored and shredded

COOKIES – Peeled, cored and shredded



You can find many Apple Recipes right here at  Below you will find the links to these recipes.





                                                                  Apple Kuchen





                Apple Turnovers






               Apple Bread


                 Apple Pie



                 Baked Apple Strudel













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