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Thanks Mom for the Most Incredible Cake Ever!


This year for my Birthday, my mother, Sylvia of, for whom I help operate this web blog to share her years of talent with others, asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my Birthday on November 26th.

My first thought was that I didn’t want a cake since we usually celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving and there is always too much food and far too much that she always does to make it  a great day for our entire family.

But then a little devil inside me said, Hey, I will tell her to make Andriano Zumbo’s famed eight layered V8 cake as featured on Masterchef Australia this season. One contestant described this cake as eight layers of hell.

I figured it was so complicated and difficult to even attempt that she might opt out and then I would get my wish that she not make me a cake and give herself a break this year.  But to my surprise, she took on the challenge of making this monster of a cake.

While not technically perfect cosmetically as this would take any master pastry chef many attempts to even come close, she made what was one of the best cakes I have ever had.  It was truly amazing in flavor, texture and was everything I thought it should taste like.   I have posted some of the pictures on the cake on Sylveees Kitchen Flickr Album.  Please take a look.  Thanks Mom, for the best cake ever.

Andriano Zumbo’s Recipe from Masterchef Australia 2010

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