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Fall Harvested Apples

Our Apple Tree is still yielding its fruit, although we are very close to the end of the harvest now.  We have shared the apples with the birds and the bunnies and many of our friends and family and we still have more than enough for our table.

The apples we are picking now are ripe and red and deliciously sweet/tart.  When it is ripe, this apple is very good eating.  The apples are also very good for baking and cooking and to add to the repertoire I have made Apple Latkes and Apple Cookies.  There are still some ripe apples on the hearth that I had better do something with very soon and that will probably be to dry them.  Dried apples are great in oatmeal and can be used for baking as well as just eating out of hand.


Apple Cookies



The apple cookie recipe I used was derived from my old Encyclopedic Cookbook from the Culinary Arts Institute; however the recipe won’t be recognized as such since I revised it in several different ways.
The original recipe called for orange juice and milk and only one egg.  I don’t ever remember trying the
recipe as it is, but I have a feeling that the dough would be very soft.  Even the way that I have done it
is soft.


When you eat the cookie it looks and tastes like an oatmeal cookie but with the sweetness and flavor of apples.  By the way, there is no oatmeal in this cookie, although some of the flour can be replaced with
oatmeal to make it a more nourishing cookie which by the way would be very good for breakfast along with a glass of milk and or orange juice and maybe a scrambled egg or two.

For the complete recipe please check out the recipe/baking section of this website.

Note:  In addition to baking with apples, they are also great cooked along with
such foods as chicken, pork or veal.  Look for my next article on apple condiments!


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